About the Author

ANGELA IREMONGER grew up in Frimley, a small village in the UK. Every two years she’d watch the breath-taking air displays swoop past the garden from the nearby Farnborough Air Show, so close that she could almost see the faces of the pilots who flew past. Concorde passing gracefully overhead was a frequent sight which she never grew tired of. A trip to Heathrow’s observation deck was an occasional treat. Although aeroplanes featured in her life, she never actually set foot in one until she went on a school trip to France at the age of 10.

Now settled in North Somerset, Angela regularly flies with her husband — an ex-commercial pilot — in a Piper Cherokee PA-28, a single-engine plane which really does seem to have a personality of its own. This little plane is the inspiration behind The World of Charlie Piper.

Angela also writes a blog about her travels with Charlie and other plane-related musings at apilotscompanion.blog